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ThinkGreen Creative Solutions, LLC
Thank you for your interest in ThinkGreen Creative Solutions. Throughout this website you’ll find many reasons why you should consider “Green” for your company’s advertising and marketing needs. For creative examples of our work, please feel free to browse the pages of the portfolio found elsewhere on this site.

Debra Pohl Green, ThinkGreen Creative SolutionsServing businesses throughout Indiana and beyond, ThinkGreen is owned and operated by Debra Green, a professional graphic designer with more than two decades of practical experience. ThinkGreen specializes in print media through a wide array of advertising and marketing services, including but not limited to product branding and packaging, logotype design, publishing, merchandising, catalogs, brochures, professional newsletters, illustration, event marketing and much more.

Delora Ritchie, recently joined our marketing team as a Senior Art Director. Delora’s organizational and management skills as a marketing specialist encompass many facets of the industry including print advertising, direct mail and online marketing. With more than twenty years experience in graphic design and community newspaper publishing, Delora makes an excellent addition to our creative staff.

ThinkGreen also employees copywriters, photographers and social media specialists. Every client is unique often requiring personnel with skill sets that are best suited to the tasks at hand. With the right people on the job, projects are typically completed on time and within budget.

ThinkGreen Creative Solutions, LLC

If cost-effective and creative graphic design in advertising and marketing is the question, then ThinkGreen Creative Solutions, LLC is the answer.

Debra Pohl Green at ThinkGreen Creative Solutions

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